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We are developing unique workshops! Excited to bring you experiences in Reiki, Art Therapy, Chakra Awakening and Balancing and so much more! 

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Upon Karen's return from the Sacred Valley of the Incas and Machu Picchu, Peru, she would like to share the ancient Peruvian ceremony called the "Despacho".


Despacho means "sending a message or care package" in Spanish.  This workshop is a beautiful opportunity for you to create your own "Despacho" as a special offering of love and gratitude to the Pachamama, Mother Earth. 


The evening will begin with Karen & Val creating scared space by sage'ing each person for energy clearing and calling in the Four Directions.  Next, we will move into a Gratitude Meditation to help us connect our heart and soul to Mother Earth.


Finally, we will learn about the Despacho ceremony and "how to" make our own package as an offering of love and thanks to Pachamama for all the gifts she has shared with us. 


The Despacho creating ceremony will use components from Nature, such as flowers, seeds, grains, leaves, sage, sweets, minerals, seashells, feathers, etc.  Each will be consciously offered with "intention" into our packages.  The ceremony will be done in silence, with each element chosen specifically for your own Pachamama offering.  The elements can be laid out in an artistic mandala or simply organized in whatever way works best for you.  You will also offer a silent prayer of thanks for each element used that resonates with your gratitude vibe.  Although each person’s elements may be similar or the same, your gratitude prayer for each choice and your Despacho layout will be different!


Upon completion, we will fold the Despacho into a "small package" and wrap it with yarn.  We will then offer all the Despacho's as a community to the Pachamama around the alter with a chant of gratitude. 


Your Despacho's will be made from bio-degradable materials and elements for you to take home to bury as your offering of gratitude to the Pachamama!

Past Workshops

June New Moon Celebration

Sunday, June 2, 2019 at 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Energy Exchange: $10

Instructors_ Karen and Sherry

🌑 The New Moon marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. ✨The perfect time for setting intentions and making a fresh start.💫
Join us as we celebrate the energy of the June New Moon!
🧘‍♀️ Gentle movement, breathwork and meditation. All levels welcome🧘‍♂️
🌻We will have a planting ceremony, planting seeds with our intentions, so we can watch our intentions grow and bloom all summer!🌻
Space is limited, so please pre register on Eventbrite
Please bring a yoga mat, blanket , water and anything else that make you comfortable.

Please click here to register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/new-moon-celebration-tickets-62429694898

Yoga for Veterans

Sunday  May 5th 

FREE!  (includes a FREE yoga mat for all participants)

Instructor: Sherry

Yoga At The Barn is a safe space where veterans, active duty service members and their families can

Find Peace,

Relieve Stress and Maintain Optimal Fitness through

Movement, Breath Work and Meditation.

Through funding from the 501c3 nonprofit Divine SiStarhood, The Barn is able to offer a FREE monthly Yoga and Meditation class for military members and their families.

All are welcome! No yoga experience or yoga pants necessary. Just wear something comfortable.

A free yoga mat will be given to each participant. Accommodations will be made for individuals who are more comfortable practicing yoga in a chair than on the floor.

Class is FREE and Space is limited so preregistration is required: Please click here to register via Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/free-yoga-for-veterans-tickets-60086181386

Mindful Art And Yoga - Blossoming Into Ourselves

Tuesday  April 30th   7:00PM-9:30PM

Instructor: Sherry from Yoga At The Barn and Greg from Open-Arted Therapeutic Arts


Energy Exchange: $35(includes healing stone)(class passes not applicable)

BYO yoga mat, blanket and water

Space is limited; Please visit eventbright to register:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mindful-art-and-yoga-blossoming-into-ourselves-tickets-60083721027

Join Sherry from Yoga At The Barn and Greg from OpenArted Theraputic Arts for an evening of Yoga and Meditative Watercolor.

Spring is a time to be inspired to cultivate inner growth. At time for grounding, growing and blossoming!

Even if you have never unrolled a yoga mat, or picked up a paint brush, this is a lovely workshop to celebrate the season!


We will begin with very gentle yoga poses, with the feet grounding and creating support then rising up for poses that lift our hearts to the spring sky, opening up to the light! This will lead into the meditation watercolor painting, where you can enjoy the feeling of letting go as the paint colors move across the paper.


Leave class feeling zen, with open hearts and high vibrations, and carry those positive vibrations throughout the spring season and sow them into your community!


Energy Exchange: $35, includes all supplies.

Yoga At The Barn

65 North Central Ramsey, NJ

Please bring a yoga mat, water, and dress comfortably.