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The Divine SiStarhood is proud to announce we are now a 501c3!!

Our mission is to provide a safe, serene and welcoming space to build a community focused on balancing the body, mind and spirit.

Working to create peace in our community and peace in the world, by first creating peace in ourselves.

Join us, as we embark on a Karmic Voyage to Open our Hearts and Elevate our Vibrations!

What this means for our YOGA AT THE BARN tribe:

  • Donations are now tax deductible

  • Continue to provide affordable yoga and wellness programs

  • Free classes for those in our community in need

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Allison Derco
Karen Livanos-Centauro
Sherry Fusco
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Valerie O'Connor

Allison Derco, founder of Elevated Vibrations Yoga, started her spiritual and yogic journey as a way to destress and focus.  A mother to two young children (ages 8 and 4) and a Corporate Security Manager by day, her focus became to find a healthy and natural way, to care for herself as well as others.

Originally drawn to her practice for exercise, performing asanas (poses) proved to quickly draw her in towards the spiritual teachings of yoga.  In August 2017, Allison completed her certification, RYT 200 with OmFit, and began providing community and private classes in Suffern, as well as senior classes with the Rockland YMCA. 

Allison has a passion for working as a spiritual healer focusing on teens, adults, and senior citizens. She uses gentle poses and centering thoughts to better yourself and lifestyle while synchronizing your breath to movement.  Allison brings in everyday challenges as class topics and uses yogic philosophy and movement to open your mind, shift perspectives, and elevate your vibrations.


RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance

Teen Specialist

Reiki Practitioner 

Reiki I

My yoga journey started over 20 years ago as a participant in a yoga gym class.  I loved the way the yoga postures, breath work and meditation made me feel and decided that I wanted to share this passion by becoming a yoga teacher.  In 2007, I graduated from Naturally Yoga’s 200hour yoga training program and I have been teaching at least 2 weekly classes ever since!

Over the years, I have developed a style of teaching which allows all levels of students to enjoy my classes, from entry level beginners to seasoned yoga practitioners.  I use movement, meditation, and breath work to assist in releasing stress, so you can relax and rejuvenate! 

I have created my own signature class, “Feel Good Yoga Fusion”, which combines yoga stretches and poses as well as the slow, flowing Qi Gong movements to improve how you feel and to increase your energy levels.   

​ My goal is to offer you a time and place to help heal yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually! 

I also enjoy co-collaborating workshops with Valerie, Allison, and Sherry as well as some other very special friends! The workshops have included summer and winter solstices, spring and autumn equinoxes, full moons, Angels and Archangels, sacred geometry and crystal grids, chakras, vision boards, and many more!!  I love working with crystals, stones, singing bowls, meditations, yoga, breathwork, chants and hand mudra’s, reiki, and other holistic modalities to help shift and elevate your vibrational 

energy!  I also LOVE creating sacred space and burning intentions, whether manifesting or releasing them to the Moon, as well as sharing my knowledge to all those who attend our workshops

Most importantly, I like to make my classes and workshops fun as well as spiritually beneficial.  I believe we are all here to help each other.  No matter what path we are on, we can always use a little more love and light!

I am blessed to be surrounded by my wonderful family, friends and amazing teachers, who have miraculously appeared whenever I was ready to move forward on my own spiritual journey and enlightened path.  I thank you all, with a grateful heart and soul, for your support and for being there for me.

When I graduated from my yoga training, I was given the name Amrita, which in Sanskrit means “Immortal Nectar of the Gods”

RYT200 with Yoga Alliance

Reiki Master

Gate Energy Facilitator

Healer Within Medical Qi Gong Certification

Creator of Yog-A-thletics -Customized Yoga for High School Sports & Club Sports Progams

Enthusiast of Shamanism, Crystals & Stones, and Vibrational Energy!


As a long distance runner, I was always searching for ways to bring flexibility to my oh so tight hamstrings! I thought I would give yoga a try and it was love at first downward dog. Sort of! I was so frustrated that I could not touch my toes! Most of the asanas were completely out of my comfort zone. I thought, as an endurance athlete, surely I should be doing better! I found the true joy and spirit of yoga when I learned to let go of any ideas of where I thought I SHOULD be and accept where I am at that present moment! 

The lessons of living life more mindfully and in the present moment inspired me to explore teaching training. I love being able to introduce yoga to beginners and watch them grow. 

It is my hope that yogis who come to me for guidance with their yoga practice, not only find flexibility, but also strength and fearlessness! Stepping off the mat at the end of class feeling refreshed, balanced and like they have nurtured their mind, body and soul.

RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance

Aerial Certified

Restorative Certified

Reiki Practitioner 

Reiki I

My yoga journey began more than 12 years ago, after I became introduced through an adult education program. Always staying active, I thought yoga would be relaxing, help to alleviate some stress, and provide a complement to my usual workouts. I was hooked from day one, and the practice has become a daily part of my physical and spiritual life.

After studying with some amazing teachers, I got inspired to get my yoga teaching certification. Each time I step onto the mat, I discover a little more about myself -- some days it’s strength, some days it’s laughter and some days frustration, but it is all part of the process. I love integrating the breath and movement of yoga with a positive spiritual outlook. I believe yoga is a simple, everyday tool to heal our bodies and awaken our spirits.

Always practicing Vinyasa, I've recently discovered a love for restorative yoga and understand how important it is to find balance in both our practice and our lives. This practice as well as the prenatal practice helps to fulfill

my nurturing spirit.

In my classes, there is a strong emphasis on the breath, meditation and mindfully moving through the asanas.
My teaching technique is a combination of gentle and at the same time challenging, making yoga accessible to all fitness levels and promoting students to develop their own style and grace. Students are encouraged to listen to their own bodies, modifying poses as necessary. Yoga should be fun while helping to peel away our layers and finding out who we really are. While we can be serious about our practice, we do not have to take ourselves
so seriously.


Off the mat, you will find me taking yoga classes, deepening  my yoga practice, reading, cooking and devoting time to my family and two very spoiled dogs
as well as co-creating workshops with Karen and our
very special friends.

RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance 

Reiki Practioner I

Reiki 2 

Pre-Natal Certification

Restorative Immersion Certification

Spiritual Seeker


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